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Curious to know why Python was chosen for this course – is it easier to learn than some of the other programming languages? JavaScript was referred to in one of the other MOOCs. I have yet to learn a general programming language and would like to know if Python is the best one to start with. (I currently teach You 8 & 9 Digital Technologies but have only been using visual programming with these classes.) I'm guessing Python is better for game development?

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  • Nick Falkner: Thanks for the question! We asked the community which languages were being used the most in this space and Python came up a lot. We decided to use that language because of the existing interest, the number of online tutorials available, and the fact that it runs on just about everything. One note is that programming in Python is much easier if you find a development environment that works well for you. Might be worth starting up another thread to ask people what they use!

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