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Hi Everyone! I am excited to be working through this course. I am a leading teacher at a rural Victorian secondary school and I will be teaching 10 DT in second semester so I am keen to get my head around this content and how to successfully implement learning opportunities for all of the students in my class. I have a wide variety of skills within my student cohort so I will be especially focussed upon how to differentiate these learning opportunities to cater for all of my students.

Please feel free to contact me during this course or at any time on +Rachael Bath or on twitter @rachbath

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  • Celia Coffa: Great to see you here Rachel. Thanks for being such a keen supporter of the CSER MOOC’s projects.
  • Rachael Bath: This is both an interest and a need for me at the moment. I hope to have this completed by the end of the holidays 😁, along with finishing the #empowerBook and continue my Training and assessor course, and all of my planning and preparation, and have some family time…I’m gonna be busy!! 😁
  • Celia Coffa: “If you want something done, ask a busy person”
  • Rachael Bath: Absolutely 😀

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