Toni Smid▸ Task 2 – Intro to Game Design

Task 2: Introduction to Game Design

A problem that I would like to solve with interactive software is to find a way to enable teachers to engage middle school students with History rather than boring them to death with regurgitating people, places and events. It has always been a dream of mine to be able to create a game which historically accurate, facilitate learning, inspired students to be be passionate about History and was good enough that gamers would want to play it and it wasn't seen by students as a 'lame' educational game. Maybe once I learn to code myself…..:) #exploreTask2

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  • Sarah Prior: I love that idea! It would be amazing to have characters based on historical figures that have to make decisions at certain parts in the game. One could even explore how the course of history could have been different if decisions made at critical points were different. There may be some “historical fiction” games out there already to check out perhaps. Good Luck!
  • Mike Fogliani: I have always thought the same thing – I have learned so much more about World War 1 (of which I knew very little) through my playing of Battlefield 1!

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