Rachael Bath▸ Task 4 – Data in Games

Everything in our world can be (and generally is) used for data collection and analysis. The greatest use of data is in our own brain, we use it to constantly observe, interpret and evaluate our environment. This information is then used to make decisions about our actions and behaviours. For example take the example of what am I going to ware today? I consider how I am feeling, the events for the day, the weather and the options of clothes I have in my wardrobe. all of these pieces of information (or data) give us feedback that we then interpret to make a decision.

In games I believe there is a very basic structure that all games are based around with different emphasis on different areas. I have visualized this data in to a flowchart – of sorts – I would love some feedback on this model.

In this model the game (blue) is the host that stores the elements (pink); and each element has additional categories that are sometimes linked to more than one element (orange).

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