Sarah Prior▸ Task 2 – Intro to Game Design

A dream of mine is to have students use EV3s motors and sensors programmed with several EV3 bricks and BrickPis (a DIY computer compatible with Lego Robotics) to control a pinball machine that students in our school can play.

This would be a whole class project with students working on different parts of the game (some on hardware while others could focus more on software development depending on their personal preferences). The game would have user input (music and points would be triggered by reaching various levels in the game).

A lot of consideration would need to be given to the end user as ultimately it would be used by their peers. Advanced students could program the BrickPi in Python while the beginning students could use the EV3 block programming.

An example of a RaspberryPi Pinball machine is shown below (so it can be done!!!). #exploreTask2 #BrickPi

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  • Sarah Prior: Yes the chaos involved in this one is why it has remained and idea! Thanks for the feedback.
  • Graeme Breen: But the engagement levels would be through the roof, and the techniques learned in developing the solution would be applicable across numerous other solutions.

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