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We are about to start rearing calves with our Grade 9 students in Science. I was thinking a student could represent this process we are learning about as an educational game.

The calf would be an entity that gains or loses weight depending on how well it is treated and the environment it is in (if it is kept clean). The student player would feed the calf twice a day the correct amount of milk powder. The student would also have to keep the calf shed clean and check for signs of disease.

The student player would gain experience points from doing these things and the calf would gain weight if fed. The calf weight would determine when the player wins, but the experience points could help when disease strikes (the calf gets better if the student has enough experience points). Also, the student might have to choose what type of treatment would be needed to get to the next level.

Here is a quick sketch:

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  • David Potter: Love it… good idea… good data collection opportunities… real experience… great ERD 🙂
  • Sarah Prior: Thanks for that!

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