Sarah Prior▸ Task 5 – Defining Game Solutions


Minecraft is my game of choice.

We play it using the PC version of the software. The game is very intuitive to play but to defeat the Ender Dragon we have had to look up a lot of information elsewhere. I learned to play this with my two sons and we look online and read reference books to improve our skills.

There are lots of ways to play the game however, and one can play in many different modes so it can be a creative building game or a survival game. It can be peaceful or hostile, the choice is yours and that makes the game great and cater to many age levels and dispositions.

Another fantastic thing are all the realms and how to make portals to different realms so there is so much fantasy and excitement in that. What is so brilliant about Minecraft is that the fantasy is juxtaposed with the reality that to survive one has to mine everything and make stuff to survive with it and that takes knowledge, time and effort (very much like the real world).

Another cool thing about the game is one can set up their own local area network and play in each others' worlds to work as a team. I am currently trying to set this up at home and hope this is a great way to play. Otherwise one has to pay to have a server do that for you and it is too dear.

Lastly they have created a story mode so one can make choices during the game and different things will happen. We have not tried that yet.

The only negative is that there are different versions of the game for PC (since the owners changed from the original to Microsoft) and this has led to some weird differences between versions and it is a bit confusing and out of wack. So the point about how to maintain a game that was brought up in this training is very true. Just because it works today does not mean it will work tomorrow.

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