Galactic Emporer!▸ Task 5 – Defining Game Solutions


I have chosen "Carmen Sandiego" as my choice of game.

Yes, the globe-hopping recluse from our childhood has still not been found, and now it's up to our kids to track her down. The "Carmen Sandiego" game involves a series of missions in which the computer player tracks and apprehends each of Carmen's underlings. Each case begins with the player being alerted that a theft has been committed and the player gets transported to the scene of the crime. The player must find clues to infer the suspects destination and to create an arrest warrant.
Designed for elementary and middle schoolers, these games allow kids to solve a mystery or track Sandiego or another villain across the globe. The series has long served as a teaching tool for geography, history, reading comprehension and problem solving, and the newest additions focus on building math skills. For instance, kids may be required to place numbered columns in order from smallest to largest or solve a series of equations within a short time limit to advance to the next level.

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