Mike Fogliani▸ Task 5 – Defining Game Solutions


The game I have chosen is Rocket League.

Components – The game consists of a main menu, settings, garage to customise your car, training, and of course linking up with others from around the world to play the game (which is essentially car soccer).

How is help provided – Help is available through the main menu. Tips are also provided during the game loading screens, and also online.

How are rules presented – As above, however I find the best way to test out the rules is to play the game and figure out the permissions/limitations through experience.

What assumptions have the designers made – The designers have assumed first and foremost that you are aware of how to play soccer (ball must go through opponents' goal posts).

Personal experience – The game is simple to play and highly addictive. The simple ones are often the best and most popular (Snake, Flappy Bird etc).

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