Tracy Lefevre▸ Task 1 – Finding Objects!

Task 1 #exploreTask1
An example of a real world task that might be able to be separated into objects that work together to achieve a goal could be grouping the sections of the jam sandwich robot into objects.

Prepare bread – might involve all of the parts that mean get the bread out of bag and put it on the table or plate.

open butter – this might include, get butter out, lift off lid, put lid on table.

Spread butter – use knife, dip into butter (explain how) and then the explanation for how to spread.

Another task that might be broken into sections of code that could work together to achieve the goal might be for an app to prepare students for class. The student might have different requirements for different classes.

Step 1 – identifying the class and the requirements

Step 2 – providing the student with instructions for what they need to bring to class.

This might also have an alarm feature and a reminder feature.

It might have different instructions if the class is after lunch, first classes of the day or last class of the day.

The student would need to input the class and day/time for the app to include what to bring and HOW to prepare for that / those classes.

The code may group the process of inputing variables.
It might group the process of checking the timetable for the requirements – one class or two (to avoid locker visits between classes)

The code would also need to be developed to present the instructions in a way that helps all students – accessibility – It might need to know more about the student or be customised for the student. – If they were deaf, the app might produce images. It might produce a list of sequenced steps.

The app might have code for morning (before school) preparation and after school (what to do to get organised for the next day, but also what to do to revise and get homework done.)

If I was writing a drawing app, I might break the code into groups for the different parts of the person, the scenery or the other elements within a picture so that each part could be created but then create a final complete image.

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