Tracy Lefevre▸ Task 6 – Implementing Your Game

Task 6: Implementing Your Game #exploreTask6
I chose to look at how students approached the implementation process and some of the key difficulties.

My students worked in groups, discussed and then wrote a narrative form of what they were going to create. The narrative part did not create too many issues. When they went to convert that to a sequence of steps they found that the more options they wanted to be available to the user, the more complicated the drawing became of what was linked to what in terms of logical sequence of programming.

We decided to break the story into sections or levels. Each level has parts that are linked to common processes. We used verbs and nouns to identify elements and behaviours and tried to create Classes. We looked at how the tasks might be abstracted and used within many different sections of the program.

Our biggest challenge for some students was to draw the relationships and interactions as a chart.

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