Tracy Lefevre▸ Task 7 – Testing and Debugging

Task 7: Testing and Debugging #exploreTask7

This rubric is more suited to 9/10. It was designed for the STEM Games challenge and has a lot of elements that are really useful.

This rubric is clear and is able to be downloaded and edited.

Some rubrics seem to address the whole project, while others address a focus area.

For testing and debugging:
Identify Test Methods – Students would look at ways to test their game
Implement various test methods – peer testing, test content cases, code review
Code writing format – does the code have names, clear variables, modules, classes, objects etc? These could be written as a group or separate on the rubric.
Outcomes – Are the goals or outcomes clearly identified and reinforced throughout the game?
Player experience – Is the game challenging, fun, engaging (challenge level is key)
Are options such as 'Help' available throughout the game? Does the code make these clear and easy to access throughout the game?

Debugging might ask the students to consider the potential bug issues as elements on a rubric –
Process for checking line by line, the accuracy of code – It might ask what they would check for and for them to create a

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