Graeme Breen▸ Task 5 – Defining Game Solutions

Task 5: Designing Game Solutions

The components of this game includes:
– First Person Shooter genre (I think it was possibly one of the first, certainly I'd not seen that genre before)
– Multi-level, with progression often based on not only finding the elevator/gate, but (from memory) completion of some task such as shooting all the enemy on the current level
– Health score was on-screen and would be reduced if bitten/shot/stabbed/etc but there were health packs which the player collected by running over them which would improve the Health score
– Additional weapons were made available in similar way to Health – random placement throughout the maze that each level was divided into, and the player ran over them to collect them and add them to their arsenal
– Similarly for ammunition – these amount remaining was displayed and that weapon would become unusable once the ammunition was depleted until finding a cache to collect
– Help was available and appeared on-screen only

From memory, the gameplay was intuitive and easy to learn and could be achieved within 5 minutes of gameplay. Interestingly, I remember tactics would vary from player to player with some preferring to range freely around the maze until they had covered all the branches of the maze (which eally wasn't too hard as the mazemap was quite limited) while others would always turn left, or whatever, in the hope they were more efficient in covering all the maze

At the time Wolf3D was a brand new style of game and very engaging, and has since spawned a huge FPS genre, including multiplayer and online versions.


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