Graeme Breen▸ Task 6 – Implementing Your Game

Task 6: Implementing Your Game

I will be talking about issues I've found historically in having students prepare their design before they start their implementation.

As a faculty we've already discussed, as a result of all of us doing this course, that we need to provide an increased emphasis on the design before the students start the coding implementation of that design. We have always done some design (storyboard, interface design, functional gameplay spec) but had then allowed the students to start the implementation. The game design software though was Gamemaker so when students came up with occasional questions like "where do I put that code?", it was relatively straightforward to work through with them in which object the code should be placed.

With the greater emphasis during the design phase of the interrelationship between the objects, these sorts of questions will either be addressed during the design phase, or if missed then the students will be much more likely to recognise the process they need to follow to identify where the code should be placed.

We will be able to practise our focus on the increased design requirements using GameMaker


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