Graeme Breen▸ Task 7 – Testing and Debugging

Task 7: Testing and Debugging

I'm not currently teaching any Dig Tech courses, only the International Baccalaureate Comp Sci course which is over grades 11/12. The criteria are a lot less coding specific than what we will be developing/modifying for our DT courses. I've included it below for reference only.

As a faculty we will be developing our rubrics for the DT courses based on what we have learned in this course with specific reference to the key focus areas that are outlined for this task. We have some rubrics already developed but they will need modifying to be more specific about the coding elements we want to see, and about the testing process the solution will be required to pass, including test data to be used.

We do however adhere to lean design principles so regular testing and version control are elements we have in our development process.

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