Kym Thomas▸ Task 6 – Implementing Your Game


For our Game Design units, our senior students use Game Maker. Scratch is taught to our junior students. At present our students use the Lean Design Principles, they prepare the client requirements, make the game, justify their design, test schedule, iterations and then evaluate. In the past students seem to spend majority of their on making the game, without fully undertaking the implementation process.

As Graeme has mentioned, our faculty is currently in discussions about the need to provide an increased emphasis on the design phase before our students start coding. It is very exciting for students to jump straight into GameMaker, however if we were to use Python or similar language then they would have to spend more time on the design phase. Lessons would need to be taught on defining the objectors etc of the game.

For 2018 GameMaker is being used for our year 9 Game Design unit, we will include engaging lessons that ensure the students are fully aware of the design requirements.

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