Alison Goodall▸ Task 5 – Defining Game Solutions

Task 5: Defining Game Solutions

Candy Crush

5 Different coloured candy's
Bonus Candy – Stripped candy, Bomb candy, Choc Sprinkles
Game board
5 Lives

Help is provided every time a new component is added – e.g. bombs, frogs. This is explained by demonstrating the move at the start of the level – first two moves

Each level states the rules by showing the number of moves, time frame, candy to collect and points needed.

The designers assume that once you have mastered the basics of matching fruit you can play any of the levels – very much the same but some are harder. It is very easy to play.

The game works very well for me as instant feedback and achievement. It is also online (FB) so it allows me to play against my friends. I have got frustrated with some levels and the lack of lives so I have not played it for a while. Very addictive!!


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