Alison Goodall▸ Task 6 – Implementing Your Game

Task 6: Implementing Your Game

For my Year 10 Dig Tech class, my girls worked on programming Minecraft using Python.

For anyone who is interested in how this works, check out this ebook

My students worked in pairs to write a story based on their main character. This formed the basis of what they wanted to create. They then wrote the Pseudo code to explain what they wanted each character (object) to do (functions) before writing the code. Each part was put into chapters, which some girls managed to put all together in one long story. This was a great assessment and really pushed the stronger students.

My main issue was that the girls wanted to just jump onto the coding part without careful planning. This led to some of the groups getting frustrated. This mooc has been really useful to explain how to do this in really informative steps.

For anyone who wants a copy of this assessment, email me at


Learn to Program with Minecraft | No Starch Press

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