Steve Black▸ Task 2 – Intro to Game Design


As a basketball coach, I would like to see basketball simulation games allow for understanding of competitive responses to situations.
Eg: If a player can construct their own plays and were also able to create their own defensive philosophies (eg: double teaming an onball screen), then coaches could actually see how a theoretical situation may play out.
This would allow the interaction of advanced metrics and simulation to combine with creative play structures to provide useful preemptive strategy formulation.
Not exactly within the reach of students, but an interesting application of game play that is already possible.

As a practical task – developing systems thinking in business students (and basketballers). Soccer in particular, has interactive games that encourage a system thinking approach but is individually competitive by nature.
As a rite of passage for new Sloan MBA students, they take part in a team game involving no individual incentive.
Turning this game into a simple interactive game would be beneficial in assisting thinkers in problem solving situations to evaluate issues more comprehensively. Beer Game – MIT Technology Review

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