Steve Black▸ Task 5 – Defining Game Solutions


The components include:
• Game help / program instructions
There is an instruction screen
• Rules
Pieces come into the game field 1 at a time. User can change angle of the piece in increments of 90 degrees. When a piece touches the bottom or another piece it stops. If you fill a row, the row is eliminated. The game is over when a piece can no longer enter the room from the top without touching another piece.
• Levels / different screens
The screen is reset and a line is removed when it is filled
• Content
Moving puzzle game with the aim to play for as long as possible without the game pieces touching the top of the screen
• Interface
The interface is online, although it received its fame as a GameBoy game
• Input/Output
7 pieces, 20*10 game field
Score, eliminated rows

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