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A problem I have being thinking about wanting to solve deals with facial recognition in photographs. Working in a school I have often encoutered the problem of taking pictures of my students working and wanting to post them on a social media platform of some sort (facebook etc..) Some students do not have permissions for this so it has meant going through each photo carefully to ensure these students cannot be identified. I would like some software that will do this automatically and say yes this photo can be used, or no this has a student in it without permissions. A great example is at school carnivals where a large number of pictures are taken randomly and often every student wants to be in the picture.

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  • Anna Lyn Lumibao: This is a good idea. I agree that it is hard to filter pictures that have students who do not have permissions to have their pictures posted. It is a tedious task to go through group pictures and identify them. An extension of this project can be that a picture is chosen, at a prompt. the software will also blur the faces of these students.

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