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I am involved with an organisation called STEMSEL (Science Technology Engineering Mathematics Social Enterprise Learning). In here, they are training students in STEM with a focus on Dr. Yunus 3 Zeroes: Zero Poverty, Zero Unemployment, and Zero Net Carbon. It is amazing how these students come up with great ideas. One idea that I have heard which resonated to me was the development of Smart Bins. Details below:

Project Name: Smart Bins

Goal: To encourage people to recycle their drinking containers by having the 10c (most of it) credited to them.

Details of the Project: Smart Bins will be distributed around Adelaide wherein it would have sensors to scan a card (maybe linked to a Metrocard or simply its own card). A person who wished to recycle will scan his/her card, then deposit the drinking container. Out of the 10c payable for recycling the drinking container, 3c will go to the company while the 7c to the person. This amount can be accumulated e.g. $5 before it can be usable for credit in the person's Metrocard or as a voucher that can be spent in other stores. The card can be initially purchased for $5 just like a Metrocard.

Sidenote: This project was a good idea for me because I tried recycling drinking containers that our family used. It was not a very good experience as regards to storing the containers until I am ready to sell them to a recycler. The containers became an eyesore because they are all over the place in the area where we put them. And after a year of having these containers, I only had $28.10, not really worth much. But with the Smart Bins, if they are easily accessible, once I have a few or even just one, I can easily deposit the container and have a little amount credited to me. Sounds like a good idea! 🙂

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