Naomi Dreher▸ Task 5 – Defining Game Solutions


Identify a game: Fallout Shelter (iPad app)
Identify the different components:
How is the help provided?
Handy tips: randomized little messages at the bottom of the screen whilst the game is loading.
Help button: on the main screen there is a help button that takes you to a website
Notifications (if turned on on your device): updates, new content
How are the rules presented?
Tutorial: before starting a vault, there is a walk through tutorial
Are they implicit or explicit?
Explicit: The tutorial covers the basics of functionality.
Implicit: use of common symbols on buttons (e.g. cog wheel for settings).
What assumptions have the designers made?
That people have played one of the 'Fallout' games on Xbox or Playstation and have an appreciation for the theme and content.
Do you have any personal experience with how this game or system worked really well for you – or where it didn’t help you at all!
Some of the more intricate functions (such as how to banish a dweller) are found through exploration of the interface.

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