Amanda Hughes▸ Task 2 – Intro to Game Design

I would love to set up a way of students submitting feedback on lessons,. This would include any comments that the students have on the lesson, something they liked and something that confused them. Students would be asked to discuss one thing they have learnt that lesson/s, 1 thing that want more time on or learn more about and 1 question that they might have.

While I do this within the classroom, it is more a discussion with some students being reluctant to share. If this was done through interactive software, where students could be anonymous or say that they want help, then this might allow them to opt in more often. It would also be great to get this feedback instantaneously and be able to keep these record.

It would be great if this platform could include sharing questions that students have and them communicating on this platform to collaborate together. This would particularly help with group projects over a period of time. This would allow students to communicate together during class time and outside of class as well.

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