Amanda Hughes▸ Task 4 – Data in Games

In the secondary school, the students run a café that make hot drinks and milkshakes during recess time. A large part of their time is collating the orders from staff and students. This includes teachers providing their own cup and making sure they get the right order in their own cup. Running a business is already a large part of the game app world. In fact, such resources are used in my mathematics classroom to simulate profit, loss and budgeting.
The café is a huge source of data. There is data on what staff members or students buy, which can be broken down to days, types of drinks, use of materials (e.g. milk, coffee, topping, disposable cups, mugs, etc). There is also the financial side of the data. Expenses verses money coming in. Profit and loss. How to increase profit while maintaining a high quality of service / product.
Currently the students monitor the stocks that they consume, ordering coffee, milk, etc, when required. They also keep a record of money that is coming in and the money required for order stock. However, the students do not keep a record of what is being ordered, by who or when. This data would be useful for students to ensure they have enough stock and staff on particular days.
This could be done through the students creating an app where staff and students could order their drink. The app would also keep a record of this data, which could then be utilized by the students.

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