Amanda Hughes▸ Task 5 – Defining Game Solutions

Game: Chemistry Bingo
Equipment: Printed Bingo boards for those playing with the chemical symbols randomly on them.
Counter / Highlighters to cross of the chemical elements on the bingo board
A way of randomly selecting the chemical elements (e.g. cut up and randomly selected)
How to play / Rules:
There is one person randomly selecting the chemical elements. This person calls the element out.
The people that are playing check their game board. If they have the matching chemical symbol they need to cross it off / put a counter over it.
This continues until someone gets a line in a row or the whole board (depending on how the game is being played in that situation).
**Variation note: If people playing are just learning the periodic table, they can be permitted to have a periodic table to check the chemical symbols to the element name. However, it is important that players have some knowledge of chemical symbols and their element name to ensure that none are missed throughout the game.

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