Amanda Hughes▸ Task 6 – Implementing Your Game

Class: 7/8 Term STEM option. 2 double lessons. (Students previously had the opportunity to become familiar with the MakeyMakey)
Objective: Students to problem solve in small groups to create a consult that prompts group work and communication.
Students are given the task of creating a game console were students have to work together to be involved and complete the game. This is done through a MakeyMakey. Students are given a variety of resources, e.g. metal bowls, metal cutlery, cooper tape, wiring, etc.
The MakeyMakey is connected to the computer and the students are suggested to go onto the simple arcade website ( The students need to test their console with games on this website and see how they perform. The students need to problem solve in issues that they have or ensure that they make any improvements.
Once the students have made their console, they need to find a game that they think would be good to showcase their console.
The class then splits in half. One half stay with their console to explain to the other half how to use their console. After a period of time (20 minutes to 30 minutes), the groups swap over. Students get to play with many of the group’s consoles. Students get the opportunity to provide feedback, including things they liked, improvements that need to be made or suggestions that they might have.
Groups are then given an opportunity to make amendments as required.
The next step would be for the student to create a game around their own console. I have yet to develop these lessons, but hope to do so this year. Potentially in my year option.

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