Heather Marshall▸ Task 1 – Finding Objects!

ExploreTask 1: #science physics motion, forces etc
Our technician Naomi made components for a cuckoo clock with the 3D Printer. She is not available for hire – we are keeping her. It is pretty cool and it is poetry in motion which covers many areas of the curriculum maths, science – and if you are clever I am sure you could think of more. The gears are the hardest to get right and required a lot of sanding and retesting. This is the first option but when sitting in the staff room this morning one of my self-confessed-non-tech-minded colleagues read the second option. She said “The cat sat on the mat”, and then “cat, mat”. Yes she is an English teacher but then she said “ooh how do those two objects interact? Mmm What is the connecting element? Oh its bum”. Now isn’t that a classic?

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