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Believe it or not I would love to develop an automatic attendance system for a school. Such complex software and associated hardware already exist at great expense but I would like to develop a more simple version linked to a web site I have had in my mind’s eye. I would love to be able to do it but realistically I rather think it is beyond my humble abilities. In my mind it works perfectly and I have total control over my domain (smacks of dictatorship, OCD and other less appealing disorders). So what I envisage is that students would have an id card (also used for the bus). By swiping their card over a reader or entering a door or gate they would be automatically signed in, this would occur in all their classes too, just as they enter the room. The teachers could track any student to where they are currently positioned as well as where they are supposed to be. (In true dictatorship style they could have an icon that changes colour when they leave a class, where they go and times how long they take… is there infringement of privacy in this? Mwahahah). Students could join the online classrooms too and their progress on tasks could be recorded so that they would not miss lessons if they were absent from the physical school or if they wanted to attend over the weekend. (oh if only I had some of those students).

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