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Augmented Reality is an area that has interest me since the days of Aurasma. It is now HP Reveal (http://www.hpreveal.com/).

Choice has develop an AR app called CluckR.I use it every time I buy eggs at a shop. They have an underlying database of labels. Open the app, point the camera at the label on the egg box and Choice will let you know if they really are free range eggs or not. It is fabulous.

I would like to take this same principle and develop an app to scan the label on clothing e.g. jeans and the display will let the consumer know just how environmentally sound the product is, the nature of the labour structure in the production process and other relevant information.

CluckAR – The Free Range Egg Detector App

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  • Arwen like the cake Fisher: This is cool. I can see in the future many people will be shopping with their phones. Hopefully it may get to a point that the ethical living website can have every product in regards to biodegradable, manufacturing ethics, etc.

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