David Potter▸ Task 5 – Defining Game Solutions


Interactive Program: Twitter for iPhone

help / program instructions

No in-app instructions or help button on the main app screen.

When the user clicks their avatar/image there is a Help Center link.The link redirects to the main Twitter web site and a mobile version is displayed.


The technical rules are the rules of content limitation that are well known in the Twitter world. By going to the Help Center other rules can be perused. There are behaviour policies and consequences for breahes clearly stated.

Levels / different screens

The concept of levels doesn't exist. The different screens that can be accessed are:

User Profile
Add a tweet.


99% of content is added by users. There are some promoted tweet… presumably paid tweets
The majority of the content is text. Links, Images, GIFs and videos can also be added to a tweet.


The interface is clean, uncluttered and simple. The first time I used the app it took a matter of minutes to become completely conversant with the interface.

A new tweet is added by choosing the button at the top right of the app screen on the Home screen.

There are 4 input options with an existing tweet – Comments, Retweet, Like and Send Privately. The options are icons without text.

There is the option to Follow another Twitter user. When the user posts a tweet, it appears in the list of Notifications.

The output is completely to the screens in the app. There are no options to print, save or email. A tweet can be sent directly as a Direct Mesaage (DM) to another Twitter user.

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