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David Potter▸ Task 6 – Implementing Your Game


First, The snake Game. I had a great deal of trouble getting a complete set of code that works. The copy/paste method from the course pages didn't work because there are errors in the code given. I did finally get a working version.

There are multiple difficult issues to manage with students in the classroom with the snake game. I think the least difficult are the high level design processes. Even the algorithm development would be manageable. The big issues centre around the actual syntax of the code., I reckon I have a good handle on Python but this block of code was challenging to say the least. What is a concern is how much of the code will be monkey see monkey do – meaning the teacher will be supplying large chunks of code.The supplied code (I mean the code that actually does work – see the link above) is not modular. I would like to redefine the implementation into modules. The way it was presented in the session here was not good – difficult to follow and inaccurate (the code review team need to review the code). I have found in the past that getting modules to work independently of each other is a great way to go. And then, we can look at how they work

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