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In my response, I am going to focus on test case management. I am doing this to reinforce to myself how important this aspect of testing and debugging is. Evaluation rubrics are fairly easy to develop. I find that students tend to gloss over rubrics rather than take the process seriously. I encourage and promote test cases and I have found that students respond very well to the discipline that it promotes. I have been so pleased over the years with the conversations students have had with me when they think about their own products and the products of others, including commercial products. "They didn't test this very well" is statement that I have heard many times from students when they come across an issue with a game or an app they use or their relatives use.

Asking students to run tests on another students/groups app can descend into a fruitless exercise without providing a framework for the testers to work with.

I have been a testing in the workplace on a number of occasions and the best testing experiences, and the subsequent outcomes, have been the ones that are well organised with test cases.

The test manager creates the scripts for the tester. It is the testers job to stay focussed and enact the scripts. It is not sufficient to provide a blank document and expect the tester to fill it in as they go. I wish that I had kept an example for one of the testing processes I was involved in over a 2-day period in each of the capital cities. The testing team consisted for 40 testers, 2 test managers, 3 scribes who entered the results into a testing package and kept a track of what had been tested and what hadn't been completed.

I have attached two templates to share with colleagues in the course. The Word doc is a modified version and useful in a classroom. The other has been downloaded from the web and is a more professional use type of template.

The key is that the table given to the tester is not blank. Some work needs to be done by a test manager to populate the table with the scenarios, the test case, the test steps, the test data and the expected result. The activity should be one of the activities for the app dev team.

Oops… looks like a I can't attach a Word doc. Sorry… I will do two things:

1. Give the list of columns that then need to be constructed as a table and
2. Give the link to the professional template I mentioned.

Test Case Template:
App Tested:
App development team:
Tester name:
Test Date:

Test case ID
Test scenario
Test case
Test steps
Test data
Expected result
Actual Result

https://www.guru99.com/download-sample-test-case-template-with-explanation-of-important-fields.htmlDownload Sample Test Case Template with Explanation of Important Fields

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