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We are completing a cross curricular project at the moment focused on saving water. I have been trying to give the kids some background IT programming and APP design at a very basic level so it may give them idea on what to create within their group. I get frustrated by the low level of problem solving and enthusiasm by many students to be creative. Does anyone have any really fun ideas for gamification to get the students excited.

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  • Jotham Kingston: I tried gamifying a Maths unit for Year 7 a few years ago. No computers. I just put pictures up on the back wall of various ‘rooms’ students could be in. For example, they started by doing housework (a short pre-quiz) and if they got it wrong, they had to do extra housework to get out. Then they had a choice to go and ‘spar’ — speed challenges versing another student, or they could go and ‘forge their own weapon’ by creating their own Mathematics problems and solving them to demonstrate skills, or they could go to the gym and do brute-force exercise training. The coolest bit was when they got to choose their avatar and move it from room to room. They also loved forging their own weapon – downloaded a picture of a sword or axe or something and stuck it to their avatar. Don’t know if this helps you, but it was fun for us.
  • Peita Bates: I have used escape rooms (can find good ones online that use IT resources and unplugged) and episode/tasks from the British TV ‘Task Master’ (you have to screen them carefully for langauge though). Both are fun, promote group work, encourage problem solving etc. You could select/adapt to your subject.

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