Cathy Linggood▸ Task 5 – Defining Game Solutions

Monopoly Empire.
Many of the components are similar to that of Monopoly. Monopoly Empire has some very unique aspects that can be used as samples of Economics.
There are the usual set of rules that come with the game and there are Youtube clips like this one that can explain the rules. The designers in this case Hasbro, are not relying on prior knowledge of the original Monopoly game. I really like this version of Monopoly as it is a quicker game to play as there is a definitive end to the game. I also like the fact that you can not buy houses and hotels so there are less arguments during the game. I like the fact that the properties or in this case are world wide known businesses. My family really enjoy playing Monopoly Empire and we have had countless number of evenings playing it.


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