Ron West▸ Task 2 – Intro to Game Design

Task 2: Intro to Game Design
I would like to work with students using drones. To be more specific I would like to control the drones using general purpose programing (python). Many of the drones that I have researched use block programing or are controlled by the phone. But we live in a area that farmers are now using drones are using pre programed drones to check on their crops. Using a customized pre programed drone could be useful to our students.

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  • Brendon Carvill: Nice Ron, what types of drones do you like to work with?
  • Ron West: Right now I picked up a parrot mambo, but I am looking for others that might do the python programming.
  • Paul Richardson: I’d love to introduce drones as an elective subject with a view to enabling interested students to be able to obtain a Remote Pilot License (RePL) issued by CASA. The initial cost of the drones are an issue at the moment.

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