Jotham Kingston▸ Task 6 – Implementing Your Game

I interviewed my 14 y.o. homeschool son for this one. He was working on a computer game using Unity. "It was the bones of a game," he says, "But I didn't finish it… I do know enough to know how to make a basic shooter."

Initially, he said he didn't have a process for creating computer games, but then when I quizzed him about Unity and Scratch he said the following:
a) Plan everything out – get a piece of paper and draw everything out, artwork and rules.
b) Do research, to learn to code elements you're not sure of, e.g. how to vary the fire rate of a gun… can help to look at other games that are similar.
c) Put sprites in, but don't render. Keep it ugly. Make sure you can edit easily.
d) Modify/test for desired effect. Keep your code neat.
e) Pretty it up
f) Go back to artwork and repeat the process

He says the biggest challenge is getting stuck and not knowing how to move ahead. This is a combination of not knowing how to code, and not understanding the concept clearly.


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