Barry Stanton▸ Task 7 – Testing and Debugging


The WA curriculum provides a good starting point for learning goals (for example, see Year 9 Digital Technologies page

A sample assessment task, which includes a rubric, provides coverage of all elements of digital solution design ( The evaluation of testing could be bolstered by making its conduct a more explicit item in the marking guide. I suggest:
– Errors – number of errors revealed in demonstration of final product.
– Coder Testing – Describe the challenges to make the code work and how they where overcome.
– Testing – Demonstrate functionality testing of expected results and issues.
– User Testing – Demonstrate user testing and changes made before submission. How many of the users were unfamiliar with the program?
k10outline – Digital Technologies ABLEWA A stage description. In Stage A, student experiences are designed to move students from a pre-intentional stage of responding to a stage where the response indicates beginning intention. Students will have had opportunities to experience and react to a range of digital solutions through …

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