Task 5

Connect 4:

Game help / program instructions

The game comes with a pamphlet that explains some hints and tricks to winning the game as well as how the game board is easily set up and things to watch out for


The pamphlet also explained the rules of the game and how to beat your opponent some of the rules are very explicit such as one piece per turn and first to 4 in a row wins. Others are more implicit such as strategy

Levels / different screens

Within this game every game is different and depends on where each player plays his piece


loads of red and yellow pieces and the chip holder / game board


The board is split up into 7 columns and 6 rows


The player inputs their piece into the slot and the game board outputs where the piece has landed through the viewing holes

Small amount of personal experiecne with the game and also have been helped by planning ahead where i will go in 3-4 turns time to create the win.


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