Task 5 – Defining Game Solutions

the game i will be using for this task is the board game evolution.

  • Game help / program instructions – the game comes with a rule book on how to play the game and also has contact details for if anything was ever unclear however the rules are very clearly explained so you don’t ever need to contact them.
  • Rules – the rules for this game are a set of explicit rules that everyone has to follow.
  • Levels / different screens – each game is a different game as you are creating different species with different traits in order to survive the climate or against predators.
  • Content – game board, trait cards, climate cards, food tokens, wooden cubes, species card.
  • Interface – lots of beautiful drawings of certain traits/ climate changes.
  • Input/Output – input is the traits you decide to use and the output is new species you have created from your input.

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