Task 4 – Data in Games. Martin Levins

What do you have in your classroom or school that could become part of a game world easily?

Title: The Efficient Operator

Rationale: Distraction and tiredness can affect studying, reading for pleasure, playing games, driving, operating machinery

Concept: A mobile-based game that can be played to understand how distraction affects the user, and a separate fork that, when activated, asks for initial state: tired, active, energised on a likert scale then seeks input every half hour as to how the user is feeling.

Activation involves entering, say, subject or activity and topic being studied/nature of activity.

A report can be generated at any time to show topics take the most of the user’s attention, what times are best for a given subject or topic, how long the user is efficiently working and what phone distractions (notifications) are happening during the period

Possible data elements

Fork 1

  • nature of task
  • reaction time
  • nature of distraction: music, notifications (you have new mail or message), likes

Fork 2

  • Time of day (from device)
  • Initial vibe of the user
  • Subject or activity (user setup)
  • Topic (user setup)
  • Notifcations (from device)
  • whether app is active or in the background (from device)
  • reason for backgrounding—eg name of other app running in the foreground (from device)
  • periodic user input as checklist. Say, tired, energetic, OK, confused, angry, bored. Checlist entities sourced from focus group

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