Task 5

Video Game: Rimworld

Game help / program instructions in this game are provided by a option to play a tutorial level or access helpful hints during a real attempt.

Rules are explicit and logical to a degree to emulate the human condition; i.e food, sleep and physical ability.

Levels / different screens are represented by different ‘towns’ and a world map which can be accessed by the user at any time but are randomly generated the game.

Content is a semi futuristic colony builder with items from tribal through to sci-fi technology all geared towards building and entertaining a thriving town. The game’s story and action is determined by a AI storyteller that cobbles random events together.

Interface is a top down manager design that has information accessible on any object using them mouse.

Input is given by mouse commands to select priorities for workers and forced orders. The keyboard and arrows serve to help navigate the world and feasible access various menus.

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