Task 5: Designing Game Solutions

Worlds Hardest Game (online)

  • Game help/program instructions
    • Explicit instructions
    • Assume you have not played before, therefore shown every time the game is started
    • Highlighting the colour words with it’s stated colour; provided for accessibility.
  • Rules
    • Stated within the game help/program instructions as the aim of the game is very simple.
    • If skipped intentionally, rules are learnt quickly while playing each level.
  • Levels
    • Provide checkpoints, developers assumed not every player is super skilled to complete levels without them. However they are placed in a way that the user has the choice of using them or not.
    • User has to have good fine motor skills in order to control the red square. Each level varies in key press frequency, rhythms, order, and timing.
    • Cannot choose a level to start with. Must restart the whole game the next time it is played. However this is the point of the game – skilled gameplay.
    • Yellow circles to collect. Green squares for start, checkpoints, and finish positions. Blue circles to avoid, other light blue obstacles to restrict a player’s movement for extra challenge.
  • Content
    • Very minimal. Before each level starts is a comical quote provided by the developer – some provided as a ‘dare’ to the user to complete the level, others a hint of what is to come.
  • Interface
    • Very minimal
    • Only includes what is stated in the program instructions as anything else would detract from the user’s experience and focus while completing each level
  • Input/Output
    • Mouse click 》 begin game, other options in main menu
    • Up/down/left/right arrow keys 》 control movement of red square
  • Personal feedback
    • All elements work well together.
    • Each level is not progressive in difficulty, so it is annoyingly easy to get stuck early within the game.

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