Task 5

Dungeons and Dragons

Game help / program instructions

  • The instructions are spread over several books. The rules are dictated by a leader titled the Game Master (GM). This allows for consistency and clarification of rules.
  • There are constantly new rules being released, and a clarity forum that the game devs post to constantly


  • Rules for abilities are listed per class or race
  • There are set rules when it comes to limitations, for example character speed has a set variable which only changes if an ability changes it.
  • Combat has set rules, and a number of actions a player can take

Levels / different screens

  • Different modes for combat vs roleplay
  • Different challenge types too: puzzles, roleplay, combat, travel, chase scenarios, death and loss, magic, exploration, etc.


  • There are several different pre-made adventures ready. This provides players with different styles of challenges and stories and changes how players interact with the game


  • The simplest interface is the character sheet you are required to use to keep track of your character
  • Secondly, there is the map where your tokens (or sprites for video games) are used to represent your characters


  • First form of input is the roleplay; your character makes decisions based on context and background
  • From roleplay, there may be randomised numbers needed, provided in the form of dice rolls. This output determines consequences for the characters

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