Unit 5

Number 5 Trolling and making statements just in order to get a reaction is a waste of everyone’s time.

Number 4 Copying things seems harmless, but stealing is stealing.  No matter that it seems a bit of fun, someone else’s work belongs to them.

Number 3 Don’t let people piggyback on your access.  If someone is not allowed to access a school or other computer system or asset, it is up to them to be granted appropriate access.  There could be good reason that they are not allowed to use that asset.

Number 2 Keep others private data private.  It is up to each individual if their pictures or location or anything at all about them gets out.  Just because a picture or other information has been shared with you doesn’t give you carte blanche to let that information loose in the world.

Number 1 I think it’s very hard to go past the concept of “being kind”.  If it is something that someone would never say to someone with their mother watching, then there is no way that they should be doing it online.

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