Unit 2 Task Option 1

Cyber Security

  • The practice of protecting computers, networks, programs and data from digital attacks.
  • Involves professionals designing systems, strong testing procedures, and maintaining systems such as encryption.

Cyber Awareness

  • The knowledge, attitude and behaviours that aim to protect our information assests.
  • Involves creating strong passwords and two-factor authentication, awareness of the use and misuse of data as well as potential cyberattacks, and knowledge such as that data and information posted online is permanent.

Cyber Safety

  • The safe and responsible use of ICT’s.
  • Involves responsible online collaboration, thoughtful sharing and use of data, application of ethics and safe settings, as well as general carefulness with devices and online connectivity.


I myself do not teach these explicitly perse as I teach English, however there is applicability when instructing students to create accounts in Microsoft Teams to upload work for example. I believe all students should be aware of the differences and the responsibilities they hold to themselves and others when engaging in online or connected activity.

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