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Unit 3 Task – Leaving Traces of Information

Although there is ample information that can be determined from digital images, including preferences, age, religious and sexual orientation, there is also a possibility of determining locations. This can be done either through triangulation of geographical features within an image or through a stored geographic location within a digital images data. However there is also a newer potential risk for revealing personal locations and that is through the live GPS syncing. This feature is now commonly used in mobile devices along with devices that use a wifi connection. This release of data can be used to create patterns of behaviour from individuals movements, this further leads to the possibility of prediction of a persons schedule and daily routines.

An interesting issue has arisen with the incorporation of GPS tracking in smart devices, including fitness smart watches. This issue revolves around security risks to government defence organisations. Service personnel within various country defence organisations have, unintentionally, created security breaches by revealing locations of defence sites and creating outlines and accurate maps of the defence site by implementing GPS tracking features in smart watches during training routines. Here is a related article from the Foreign Policy magazine discussing this issue.

How the Spies Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Fitbit

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