Unit 4 Task – Thoughts on future cyber attacks

As has been a consistent case throughout highly volatile periods of history, propaganda is an effective strategy to demoralise and erode the confidence of a peoples belief in governments and organisations. This process originally took an extended period of time to implement these types of psychological attacks, along with the necessity of implementing the processes in a manner that can instil a falsity within a population before being countered.

I think this type of psychology manipulation will continue to be used even into the future, however the types of timeframes expected and used would be increased exponentially. With the increasing speed of development and rates of response within cyber realms there is the possibility of implementing these propaganda attacks into a countries population if there is not an adequate and effective response from the country itself. This type of psychological manipulation can also be seen implemented within countries, with governments using the accessibility of social media to provide specific information to target audiences, for example during voting periods. The effect that fake news already has on populations can be seen within conspiracy groups such as flat earthers and homeopathy believers.

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