Unit 4 – Passwords

Everything needs a password.

Everything needs a unique password.

Everything needs a secure password.

“password” is not going to cut it anymore. As frustrating as making a new password can be, it is an important part of staying safe online.

The hardest part of having so many passwords is remembering them, so make a password that is unique to you, secure, and memorable.

Many websites, jobs, and schools require a password that is “At least 8 characters long, with at least one (1) capital letter, and at least one (1) numeral or symbol”.

So here is an easy start:

What is your favourite movie?

“Top Gun”

When did you first watch it?


So: “TopGun2003” – Simple, if a little easy to guess.

What about a phrase?

“To infinity and Beyond!” might be too easy, maybe try “2Infinity&Beyond!”

Added complexity, without having to tattoo it onto your arm to help you remember.

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