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We are moving our MOOC Communities to WordPress!

As you would be aware, Google+ is being closed by Google. After consideration, we have decided to move our existing CSER MOOC Google+ Communities to WordPress, where you can continue to browse and actively contribute to a shared CSER MOOC Community.

We have over 15,000 members across our four CSER MOOC Google+ Communities, and we greatly value your contributions and insights supporting the implementation of the Digital Technologies curriculum. CSER will transfer all of the existing posts for each of o…


Katrina Falkner▸ News & Information

Hi everyone! I know many of you are curious as to Google's proposed changes to Google+ and what that means for our communities. We are still working through the fine details, but are currently working with Google on a solution – our aim is to migrate our communities to their enterprise system, retaining all of our current posts and information and maintaining all of your access.

I will post updates for you here, including any information on anything, if at all, that you might need to do.

To answer key questions that we have received:
– Our cou…


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Rebecca Vivian▸ News & Information

Research Participation Opportunity

The Australian Government Department of Education and Training has commissioned independent consulting firm dandolo partners to evaluate the Coding Across the Curriculum program, which includes funding for the Digital Technologies Hub.

The research focuses on how the Digital Technologies Hub supports teachers to implement the Australian Curriculum: Digital Technologies. As part of the research, dandolo is inviting teachers to participate in a school visit and/or an online discussion forum.

– School visit – …


CSER Adelaide▸ News & Information

Dear Members

We wanted to provide you with some background on the moderation of posts to this community. All posts are automatically filtered and on some occasions posts are sent to Community Moderators for review. When this occurs there may be some delay in the posts appearing within the community.

Please be assured that there is no need to repost multiple times. Moderation is done during business hours so generally it may take a day or two for posts to be seen, unless it falls on a weekend. Thanks for your participation and patience with this proc…


Celia Coffa▸ News & Information

Any Victorian government secondary, P-9 and P-12 schools please note :

"Calling for Expressions of Interest for the DigiTech Start-Ups Initiative by Friday 29th September. (Please note extended date)

Science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) education is one of the Government’s priorities in its vision for Victoria as the Education State. It recognises that our future prosperity is greatly reliant on a workforce that is increasingly STEM literate.
The DigiTech Start-Ups Initiative will provide 150 Victorian government seconda…